Burton  is an ancient village with a history going back to roman times when a an unknown roman built his villa on the limestone escarpment looking to the west across the Trent valley. It was well established in 1086 when the lands in “Burtone” were recorded in the Domesday book.  The ridge and furrow ploughing on the Lincoln edge and earthworks in the surrounding fields indicate the village was a thriving community in medieval times.  For  350 hundred years from  1600, the village was dominated by the Monson family who established their family seat in Burton and built  the Hall on the site of an old Tudor mansion.  Until 1950 it was an estate village with its life and its inhabitants tied to the fortunes of the Hall and the estates.

The Monson connection was severed in 1951 when the hall and much of the village was sold.  Since that time the attractive nature of Burton and its proximity to Lincoln have resulted in the building of several new houses, to give the intermix of new and old that is the village today.  In 1969  the village with the surrounding parkland was designated as a Conservation Area  and the conservation document  published by the  West Lindsey District Council , identifies the features and the buildings  that give Burton its character. The names of  many houses reflect both their function on the estate and the names of  the Lord Monson’s long serving estate workers - thus we have  Kennel cottage, the  China house, the Orangery, the Garden house,  Denton’s cottage and Ormsby place. 

Others properties record the names of Monson family members with  Mexborough house, Debonnaire cottage, Maud house and Essex house. It was however, with sadness that the name one of the new houses was changed from the delightful, M’ladi’s Walk to Rosewalk.

In 1851 the population of the village was 187 and 202  in 1951 but today it is around 150 reflecting  smaller households and an ageing population  who can think of no better place to live than in the peace and tranquility of Burton village! It is also popular with visitors and tourists that a keen to experience the beautiful British countryside. With many cheap flights available (Fly.com) and Humberside airport not too far away, it’s no wonder so many are keen to visit this delightful destination.  The summertime, in particular, offers some magnificent views and enjoyable examples of English country life. It remains a highly sought after location with the village set in beautiful countryside with yew hedges, parkland, trees and a dairy farm which adds to its rural character.